Sri Lanka Travels – Arugam Bay


Aaah Arugam Bay. Heart eyes Heart eyes Heart eyes.

After a variety of sweaty bus journeys and a quick drive-thru safari, Frenchy and I arrived to our main destination where we would set up camp for just under 2 weeks. If any of you are wondering how we met, basically long story short – I was out on a run on the beach in the morning having decided at a split seconds notice to get off a train and stay a few days and surf in ‘Mirissa’. I had been watching Frenchy surf and after he got out I went over to talk to him about the waves blablabla and we quickly discovered we were kindred spirits in that we both mutually liked surfing. And eating.


By now, Frenchy and I were in full swing of describing most of our emoTions with emotiCons. Pros: opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions by explaining your emotions in no more than 2 words thus saving the environment and the planet and therefore the human race. Cons: Really? Fine. NONE. The usual response to either of us being minimally thoughtful such as buying the other a cold juice was typically: oh my gosh you’re so in love with me. And we probably were. If by love you mean the feeling only described by ‘cat face‘.

And to be honest, I was having a whale of a time. Except (pun intended) when we went on a whale spotting trip when I unknowingly entered what I have come to describe as Vomming Dominoes. If this sounds up your street, then organise a boat trip, invite 100 of your closest weak stomached friends and let the fun begin. And just so you know, no one wins in Vomming Dominoes. The Sri Lankan people were a hoot and friendly and generally just wanted to chat at you with the little english they knew:

“Hey what country you from”


“Ah England. Nice people”.


End of conversation.

Also, much to mine and Frenchies amusement the Sri Lankans do this sort of nod head shake. It’s a perfect 50/50 of a yes nod and a no headshake which let me tell you, can get very confusing.

Frenchy: “Can you go ask them if we can leave at 10am”

10 minutes later

Frenchy: “what did they say?”

Me: “They said yes. Or no.”




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